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Welcome to the Jovani music page. I'd like to share just a few thoughts about my solo material. I have been creating songs since I learned how to play the piano as a youngster. A natural course of self-expression, using sound as another communication device. Differing from the co-created 'jo & joe' material, the selected pieces here are mostly my personal sketches and therefore coming from a solo direction.

Thank you for visiting & listening. If you enjoyed your time here, check back for new material at a later date.

The Life Within The words, melody and performance to "The Life Within" is purely improvised on top of a rhythmic idea that Joe created some time previous to my hearing it. I love this process as it offers the most free, musical experience.

Solo Song

(words by Lakshmi Narayan)

"Solo Song" was created as a dare from a friend who, (after hearing that I was looking for a reason to play music again) offered up one of her many lovely poems. Saying, she thought it might have been written for me. It sure feels like it too! Thank you Lakshmi.
We Survive "We Survive" was written for a documentary on the subject of injustice's to women, (specifically physical & sexual abuse). The film was never completed, so the song stands on it's own.
It's A Lullaby Waves seem the perfect lullaby for all of us. In "It's a Lullaby" I wanted to capture how the essence of the water calls to us, lulls us, and comforts us to slumber.

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