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As a self-taught artist, I approach my work from a purely emotional and sensitive source, without much regard for any painting tradition. My work is free and spontaneous. For me painting is like free-jazz improvisation, allowing the moment to guide the composition. As a painting develops, it tells me how to proceed. The process is an ongoing dialogue that pulls and tugs between representational and abstract images. The circle is complete when others harmonize with the message of free expression. Making that connection is very important to me. Through the beauty and creation of art, we can realize our connection to each other, and the web of life.

— Jovani
Instinctual and improvisational, Jovani’s stylings in art parallel and compliment her explorations of avant garde jazz upon some interesting and primary levels. Elements as diverse as analytical cubism and passionate expressionism can appear as glimpsed influences in a single ingenuous scene, reflecting a self-learned assimilation of effect against the urgent disregard of the Naïve or Outsider "school" for cause. The result, as in much of John Marin’s early work, leaves an impression of being portraits of energy. Born into a family of ten children in Los altos, California in 1957, Jovani attributes her generally rebellious attitude in the arts to her struggles against an early environment she felt restricting.

— New Art International
Each of Jovani’s paintings seems to be a history of the energy and process that she puts into each work. Beyond that, she aims to enlist her personality and emotions in each painting. The result of these two streams of energy is a style that she attaches with the Gestural school of thought. She achieves this effect by concentrating her skills on emphasizing the intensity and placement of her paint. Combining various colors with a mind for shape and placement, each work manages to exist in the paradox of simultaneous order and chaos. The tension between these realms creates the ideal playground for exploring the entire range of her feelings and ideas. In all her emotions, she has created a reputation that has brought her work exposure coast to coast.

— Agora Gallery
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